Top Reasons Why An Ecommerce Site Is Critical To Your Business

With technological advancement and frequent use of the internet in the UAE, people are turning to the web for various reasons. Today, the internet is not only limited to communicating or connecting with people or searching for information but, it is a platform where you can purchase and sell products and services…

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Why Ecommerce Website Is Critical


10 Ecommerce Website Startup Tips in UAE


To start an e-commerce website in UAE that works, we saw the biggest lie of eCommerce and mistakes not to make when setting up an e-commerce sitein UAE. However, the design of an e-commerce website starts with great success by applying the basic principles of retailing. Now you need to apply the rules that use physical shops. So follow the following rules to ensure that your site visitors buy.

Tips on how to start an ecommerce website, what to take care of and what to avoid while setting up an ecommerce online business.

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3 Social Media Practices That Improve SEO

Both SEO and practices through social media are two closely linked organic strategies. These are the inbound policies that make a difference in structuring an attractive identity to attract visitors. Social media depend on first-class content with a noticeable identity whose distribution is greatly improved through SEO practices.

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A Good Web Design Is All You Need To Begin!

Re-designing a website is a common practice for most small, medium and large businesses today. The reason could be any; but while doing so, many businesses fail to consider the significance of this activity from them when it comes to the digital marketing strategy that will of course take place sooner or later, once the website is created or overhauled by them….

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A Good Web Design Is All You Need To Begin


Branding Agency Dubai – Is That What You Are Looking For?

​To pitch your product and service in the right passion in a roaring market like Dubai, you simply cannot rely on ordinary or weaker options. The natures associated with this market are unique and…

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Branding Agency Dubai
Branding Agency Dubai – Is That What You Are Looking For

How Important Is The Web Design For A Website?

As much as a website is important for a business, so is its design. It is the first thing that a site visitor sees when he opens your website. So you can say that, it is a kind of make impression or break impression situation…

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How Important Is The Web Design For A Website
How Important Is The Web Design For A Website

Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid Making


If you haven’t made business website, it means you are practically extinct. The sites increase the online presence of any company. Results showed that most business owners make lot of web design mistakes…

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What Are The Latest 15 Trends For 2017?

Why not look at things from an expert perspective, to achieve this task, I carried out a mega meta-study for all those readers in Dubai that are keen to know the latest trends for website designs and the ways in which they can milk this channel by reaching almost everyone from the set target audience.

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Why Ruby On Rail Is Getting So Popular?

In a shorter form Ruby on Rails is also called “ROR”. It is an Object Oriented programming language which is really popular these days. It focuses on simplicity to ensure gaining more productivity by making less effort. In 2005, it was introduced by Yukihiro Matsumoto from Japan. It made a great reputation all around the world in a very short period of time and has been adopted by many developers…

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With A Little Maintenance You Can Speed Up Your Website!

Those entrepreneurs who take the task of maintenance on lighter notes feel the heat when things start to get cluttered and their business presence online in the form of a website starts facing turbulences.

There are many businesses that have been through such experiences in the past, i.e. they got what they wanted in the form of a robust website and then they slept over it, assuming that the job is done…

Website Maintenance

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SEO Myths You Must Leave Behind In 2017!

It won’t be wrong to say that the world of SEO has changed to a great extent. We at times see more than one updates back to back from major search engines like Google. We just had one in the last quarter of 2016, i.e. Penguin updates that rewarded high-end websites in terms of quality an important part of its key algorithm. Amplification was also observed in the featured snippets of SERPs (search engine results pages).

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5 Main Things To Consider While Developing A Business Site

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Without wasting any time lets go straight to the point and discuss what you must consider before and while designing your website. If it’s an Ecommerce site remember to follow the points below,

What’s the company or site all about:-

Many designers are not clear about the design of the site and this is the first challenge they face…

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Let’s Understand The Design Process!

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Discovery and Scope:

This phase of the design process is where a creative expert sits with you to understand the objectives of your project plus to determine your needs. You will be provided with a formal quotation and exchange of contract may take place. A date of initiation based on mutual understanding and upon the receipt of contract and initial deposit may be decided between the two parties. One must try to look for a professional and affordable web design company in Dubai so as to ensure that all the stages discussed in this piece of writing are met in an expert passion.

Mock-ups completed and presented:

Once the date of initiation has been finalized the service provider will start working on the task assigned based on the discussion and exchange of suggestions that took place initially. Designs or mock-ups may be presented by them with a time period of few weeks.

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