The Future of Mobile App Designing

Mobile apps industry is growing rapidly that now we can see millions of apps in different app stores. However, with the intense growth the need of innovation is also increasing. And this sheer need is giving birth to various new trends, some of the leading one we are discussing here.

Creative Mobile apps designing company

Rapid App Development:

Enterprises are facing the biggest challenge of keeping up with the demand of mobile apps. With the increasing demands, enterprises are forced to launch their products faster than ever. The biggest challenge for creative mobile apps designing companies would be minimizing the development life cycles and reduce the time frame between next up-gradation. In future, to match the pace it is expected to see some rapid app development tools to increase market iteration.

Cloud-Driven Approach:

The cloud-driven technology will play an impressive role in creating some innovative technologies. There is a huge trend of keeping multiple devices and to manage them effectively cloud technology will be used. The cloud approach will enable creative mobile apps designing company to develop an integrated version which can be accessed in every device without any trouble. The platform helps them create apps rapidly and without any technical knowledge.

Enhanced App Security:

There were numerous cases filed against hackers in 2014 and 2015, where integral information is hacked and jeopardized. According to Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications will surely fail because of security tests in 2015. The hackers will continue their job of exploitation, this is now the responsibility of the game designer to build on most secure measures.

Customized Wi-Fi Services:

Beacon technology is expected to blur the boundaries between offline and online world in the advertising and retail sector. Apple has already integrated this specific technology in their iOS that communicate perfectly with their network of iBeacons and Androids. And in 2016 it is expected to see Wi-Fi doing much more than it is usually used for. The biggest benefit of WiFi is that more and more businesses are continually investing in WiFi market. Cellular connectivity is the basic purpose of installing a WiFi network, but in future it might be filling up space as a more sophisticated and edgy connection.

Benefit of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is growing exponentially as more and more people are connecting via multiple devices. Apps will get mature to cater the complicated needs of users without even realizing them. The user interface is expected to be more natural and easy while the back-end functionality will be more complicated. With IoT, the customer engagement management tools will be managed using WiFi or beacon technology to provide business organizations a more realistic data of consumers.

Data Analysis and Big Data:

In coming few years, Internet of Things and Wearable technology will grow exponentially, and the need of app performance tracking and analysis will become more complicated. There will be more focus on big data and analysis in 2016-2017. Creative mobile apps designing company will continue focusing on adding new tools to gather more data to get better insights of consumer data.