Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid Making – SpiralClick Blog


If you haven’t made business website, it means you are practically extinct. The sites increase the online presence of any company. Results showed that most business owners make lot of web design mistakes…

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What Are The Latest 15 Trends For 2017?

Why not look at things from an expert perspective, to achieve this task, I carried out a mega meta-study for all those readers in Dubai that are keen to know the latest trends for website designs and the ways in which they can milk this channel by reaching almost everyone from the set target audience.

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Why Ruby On Rail Is Getting So Popular? – SpiralClick Blog

In a shorter form Ruby on Rails is also called “ROR”. It is an Object Oriented programming language which is really popular these days. It focuses on simplicity to ensure gaining more productivity by making less effort. In 2005, it was introduced by Yukihiro Matsumoto from Japan. It made a great reputation all around the world in a very short period of time and has been adopted by many developers…

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Web Design: Some Interesting Facts! – SpiralClick Blog

Simple goals can become simpler if one is on top of all the business related tasks. Especially when the markets are highly dynamic and elite in nature, Dubai markets can be classified as a good example. 

I have jotted down some of the very basic points today that are normally over looked by entrepreneurs and designers even in such complex and demanding situations without realizing that these points can make or break the future success of a business…

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Social Media Latest Trends Of 2017 – SpiralClick Blog

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Social media is changing its dimensions rapidly with the passage of time; in Dubai the case is not different at all. It brings news, trends and best practices around social and digital marketing networks. It will have a big impact on year 2017 also and beyond. Following are the big trends that will dominate 2017.

8 Easy And Latest Tips To Optimize Your Content – SpiralClick Blog

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Writing content for on page and off page SEO has a unique significance and no one can deny its worth in helping the site rank in the search engines. You can attract large web traffic on your site without any advertisement and paid campaigns.

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